Farji web series watch online on Amazon Prime Video

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Farji web series watch online on Amazon Prime Video

Farji web series watch online on Amazon Prime Video
Farji web series watch online on Amazon Prime Video

Farji web series watch online on Amazon Prime Video whole world is attracted to the artistry of the artists. But what if an artist steps into the world of heinous crime with his artwork. Raj and DK’s new web series ‘FARZI’, which rocked the OTT world with ‘The Family Man’, is the story of this artist. Sunny is an artist. His maternal grandfather’s printing press is now on the verge of closure. He prepares to print fake notes to save this business. He is an artist, so his artwork of the fake note is very close to the original. But before he can recover, he now becomes a part of a larger syndicate of the fake currency business.

Farji web series watch online

Shahid Kapoor is debuting in the world of web series with ‘Farzi’. He is in the lead role of Sunny. Sunny has been abandoned by her father. Grandfather has adopted him. Sunny has a grudge in her heart and against the world, she has grown up with it. Apart from his best friend Firoz (Bhuvan Arora) and his maternal grandfather (Amol Palekar), there is no one he considers his own. Sunny wants to help his Nanu in his stalled business of century-old printing ‘Kranti’. What begins with desperation soon leads him to realize his potential as an artist. Sunny can now design ‘fake’ notes.

Farji web series review

The counterfeit currency racket is a crime that has rarely been shown on screen with such focus. The creators and directors of the show Raj and DK have come up with a story that has thrill, crime and action in it. From the intricacies involved in making fake notes, how technically difficult it is, to distributing it after printing and infiltrating the country’s economy, the series delves into the nuances of this dangerous game in a thrilling manner. The good thing is that the makers have not glorified this crime. Crime is shown as a crime. That is why we are amazed to see how criminals misuse it.Farji web series watch online

The web series also stars veteran actors like KK Menon along with stars like Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi. The makers keep the show close to the real world, but when the big stars are on screen, the treatment tends to be somewhat cinematic. In such a situation, this series looks a bit unbelievable on many occasions. Especially when such a huge economic crime is being committed in the country and only a few good people and a woman are seen doing everything to stop it.Farji web series watch online

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Farji web series watch online

Farji web series watch online Most of the characters shown in ‘Farzi’ series are very important and important. The good thing is that each character has been given full screen time. These characters have their own stories, which continue with the original story. However, it is not necessary that you connect with everyone’s personal story. As of now, the character of task force officer Michael Vedanayagam (Vijay Sethupathi). This whole track itself feels very forced. His story slows down the pace of this fast-paced thriller. At times it seems that when makers switch from the big screen to the small, they get carried away with the freedom of runtime. In such a situation, the screenplay could have been made a little tighter while sitting at the editing table. However, something or the other constantly happens in the show, which keeps you on edge as a viewer. The show’s cinematographer Pankaj Kumar has treated it like a film despite it being a web series. Even if it is a matter of outdoor locations, the expenditure on production is visible.

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Farji web series watch online Shahid Kapoor is the best actor and he has proved it once again. Sunny’s character is similar to his ‘Achhe Dil Wala Bad Aadmi’ avatar in the film ‘Kaminey’. We can say that Shahid is in top form in his first OTT series. He has brought the character of Sunny on the screen with great ease. The same is true for Vijay Sethupathi as well. This powerful actor of South Cinema has brought life to the character of Officer Michael in his trademark style. There is a clash between these two lead actors in the series. In such a situation, the strong acting of both of them wins the heart.

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In the series, KK Menon plays the role of Mansoor, the kingpin of the fake currency racket. KK Menon’s specialty has been that he pays great attention to the nuances of his character. Same is the case here. Mansoor is flamboyant, be it his chic and metrosexual dressing or the use of slang in raw English, KK Menon has nailed it. Bhuvan Arora is brilliant as Sunny’s best friend Firoz. He is like the surprise package in this series. It is a relief to see veteran actor Amol Palekar on screen. His character as an honest former freedom fighter is still inspiring the youth of the country with his newspaper ‘Kranti’. Most of the characters in the story of the series are of men. In this, the number of women is very less as compared to men. But despite this Raashi Khanna has left an impact as Megha. She is looking young and smart and professional.Farji web series watch online

There are a lot of abuses in the series as per the effect of OTT and web series. Dialogues are according to today’s era. Therefore, it will not be difficult to connect with the young audience.

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