farzi web series what Lawsuit negative impact on indian users watch online

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farzi web series what Lawsuit negative impact on indian users watch online

farzi web series what negative impact on indian users watch online
farzi web series what negative impact on indian users watch online

farzi web series what negative impact on indian users watch online Shahid Kapoor regained his charisma on the big screen with the film ‘Kabir Singh’. Then three years later, he lost it in the film ‘Jersey’. His attitude has been in Hindi cinema. Acting is also amazing if he is in his rhythm. Sayers can say that Raj and DK have tried to cash in on Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Raunak’ after ‘Kabir Singh’ in the web series ‘Farzi’,

but it has also been discussed that Raj and DK have tried to capitalize on a crime of Shahid Kapoor. The drama film was offered some nine years back. The talk kept getting worse and then it got to the point that the film spread like a web series and now it is on Prime Video in the form of ‘fake’, in the form of eight episodes of about an hour and a half. Raj and DK are making noise on OTT. After two amazing seasons of ‘Family Man’, he has all five fingers in ghee. It is also possible that in the third season of ‘Family Man’, Tiwari and Michael together will make some big bang.

crime of Shahid Kapoor

The DNA of the story of the web series ‘Fargie’ is somewhat similar to ‘Family Man’, but there Shrikant Tiwari is the hero, here Michael is in the second lead. The hero who is there is the anti hero. Nana wants to revolutionize it. Grandson also wants to bring revolution. Both of them just go their separate ways. Only a few people can appreciate the real in this country. Everyone is running after the reference. The creator of a wonderful fake painting gets overconfident in his skill. How he has been correcting Nana’s financial condition since childhood with his friend Firoz, through this, the author makes the basis of the story in the beginning itself. The work which is seen to be praiseworthy in childhood, after growing up, they start doing the same work against the law. The story is good at the idea level. The idea of how children who were persecuted in childhood grow up to become miscreants is priceless in itself, but if Shahid Kapoor has to play the role of this big child, then a little thought needs to be given.

Abdurrahim Khan-e-Khana alias Rahim

Raj and DK’s new web series ‘Farzi’ sees an expansion of their own created universe of patriots. The whole story is the same which Abdurrahim Khan-e-Khana alias Rahim had written years ago, Jo Rahim ochho badhai, tau overt hi intaraye. Pawns are fake, they go crooked. The series is made for Shahid Kapoor. Right from the beginning, Shahid Kapoor is doing this character keeping in mind that he is Shahid Kapoor. Barring one or two emotional scenes, Shahid Kapoor’s swag gives his character Sunny a lot of leeway to flaunt in this series. The whole game of web series is to collect views in the name of big actors. The news of record views of this series will also start coming out soon. But, after finishing watching the series nothing special comes from the part of the viewer. Raj and DK have repeated themselves by crafting a cocktail of the story of counterfeit currency business in contemporary politics. And, because of this, the web series ‘Farzi’ is neither able to serve anything different to Shahid Kapoor’s performance to the audience nor does it expand the aura of Raj and DK as creators.

The dialogues of the piti web series ‘Fargie’ can be researched separately in the name of the screenplay. The creative team of Prime Video should also see if all these are equally important in a series made in Hindi. When there was so much knowledge to be imparted on the business of counterfeit notes, then could only releasing it with an adult badge increase the number of views? Those who pay money to watch web series often watch them on their smart TV only and if after turning on the smart TV, it has to be connected to Bluetooth headphones, then the fun of watching goes on. It is also important for OTT people to understand that it is their loss in getting into the habit of watching series on mobile, because then Telegram’s channels are useful for this. In the web series ‘Farzi’, which was ineffective at the level of story, screenplay and dialogue, Shahid was tried to shine a lot, but Vijay Sethupathi’s aura was seen growing here. His Hindi spoken with a South Indian accent is amazing. Although the film does not have a direct confrontation between Shahid and Vijay like Hindi films, but Raj and DK have tried to surprise the audience.

Among the actors who have done excellent work in the web series ‘Fargie’, Kay Kay Menon’s name is at number one. Presenting human nature through his facial expressions has been included in KK’s charisma since the beginning. He is getting a lot of opportunities to show his acting range on OTT and he is enjoying it with both hands. The presence of Amol Palekar is there to enhance the story expansion and he also gives his full contribution in it. Rashi Khanna’s character is well crafted. With the web series ‘Rudra’ she has moved two steps ahead here. The kind of curiosity Rashi Khanna creates through her character is worth noting. There is a different kind of natural charm in his acting, and it is this charm that makes him the best actor in OTT. And, the one actor who has impressed everyone with his performance in the web series ‘Farzi’ is Bhuvan Arora. Whenever he is away from the story, the audience starts missing him and that is the biggest victory of an actor.

farzi web series watch online

Raj and DK experimented a lot on the big screen in ‘Go Goa Gone’, ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘A Gentleman’ but things didn’t work there because they got overconfident in themselves. Even in the web series ‘Farzi’, both are seen repeating the same mistake again. In this series, he shows less and tells more of the story. Cinema is a medium of presentation. make it look like a hawa mahal It is the biggest responsibility of the director to save it from becoming a radio drama. The advantage with Prime Video is that most of its customers are made for Amazon shopping, the streaming service is an additional profit for these customers. It is easy to understand what would have happened if this series had come on Netflix. The trouble here is that there is nothing real in the web series ‘Farzi’ named after Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi, everything is what the audience has already seen in Shahid Kapoor’s movies and Raj, DK’s series.

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