Happy Holi video editing alight motion 2023 | holi status video editing alight motion

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Happy Holi video editing alight motion 2023 | holi status video editing alight motion

Happy Holi video editing alight motion 2023 | holi status video editing alight motion
Happy Holi video editing alight motion 2023 | holi status video editing alight motion

Steps : 01
Soyega is welcome to my youtube channel so friends abhi jo aapne video ke starting mein phir bhi dekha hai. If you also want to make a video like this by putting your photo, then keep watching this video till the end, then friend, first of all you have to download an application to do some video editing like this. The name of this application is . You can simply download Elite Motion and Elite Motion Application from Google Play Store, otherwise I have shared its link on my Telegram channel as well, so the link to my Telegram channel will be found in the description of this video. If you go and download it, then let’s start, you will find the link of all models in the description of this video. Ujjain torch one effect has to be imported in elite motion of both. Let me click on the link on Beat Mar Project here one by one. Selecting a browser will draft it. In the Elite Motion application, you can click on the import option here, in this way you can import the check effect as well. If you also get the excel file. Now, if you look here, you will get to see the start of Gaaz something like this, so have you written the lyrics on Jamania and left it first.

Steps : 02
Well then you will not need to write something like this here. Ok, just click on the font which is on the phone here and come here in the option of edittext. Remember abusing this found. If you do not know how to call, then first download the phone. Clicking on View All Phones and clicking on 3.2 option here and clicking on Import option. Here you have to add fonts from your gallery by clicking here. Ok Jo I will call you. Now we will add the phone here. After that you will get to see something like this. Ok. By clicking on the class, media’s option drama, today here I take the photo of the scientist of this actress. OK and here by clicking on the 3:00 dot, then clicking on the composition area, coming to the mobile transfer, clicking on the option and zooming the cow photo. Okay, by clicking on the first option, keep the photo of where in the middle in the center something like this and go as far as the dress of these lyrics will be. If it is okay for you to give the dress of this photo to them too, then it will happen till now. Yes, the rest of the actors will click and cut from Patidar.

Steps : 03
Ok, now by clicking on this photo here, you have to bring it below that photo. Ok. After bringing here, you have to click on this photo, which will be the first photo effect Mac three dot pack copy effect, and here the photo which we have just added, by clicking on this photo and coming here in effect, coming to 3dot Paste it. Okay and who will delete the photo here first by clicking on it. Ok gaye kya kuch kuch hai, you will get to see the lyrics. Ok, now by clicking on the lyrics here, start Make A 3D Dot Prachi. Sell and paste the other lyrics by clicking where you want to put this fact, send something like this by clicking here. Let’s do it from bottom to top, okay and here you have to paste something like this. Ok, so some missing from here also click on the above lyrics like this. Here, here, in some way, the lyrics which are above will also be clicked.

Steps : 04
Ok and here the gaze effect maitri.com will be perfect. Okay, now the rest of the lyrics are left, by clicking on which you will get something like this here. It is okay for you to get tested. Durga ji, we click on something like this and paste it here and go further here, where you have to click and paste on the Did Not and take care here that the lyrics of the above I want to, but at least they had gone from one. You can also download some mobile transfer messages here by clicking below. Something like this is fine. All the above ladies have to make some adjustments in this way. By doing OK, after coming to the media option, I simply go to the gallery and add a template from the gallery by simply clicking on it. Ok so gaziya questionnaire template hai that we will add this template for sim. Ok. It’s okay to enable the screen option. It is okay to team you by clicking here after the extra text of Ghazi Ladies.

By clicking on his WhatsApp plus, coming to the media option, Gallery is Mahajan and quickly add more templates from here. Clicking on this template also will bring you to Blending City. Coming online, it is okay to clear the screen option. If you only do it, then I turn someone off. Can hear you Play the video, talk here, you will get to see the effect in your videos. Ok now Ghazi yahan par aapko lyrics ek kaam hai, kaam hai is over. Now coming forward, the lyrics will end. Ok now from here you have to add five photos. By clicking on OK Plus, I come to the media option. We will add such photos. By clicking on OK, you will click on the fill composition area and click on it. Something like this and abuses from here According to the doctor, it is okay to zoom your photos like this in the third option on the room. It is okay to click on 105 photos, cut them and stream them from here. then click on the plus

Happy Holi video editing alight motion 2023 | holi status video editing alight motion

Or stop not doing the option and add it, otherwise you will get gas jhumka. It is okay to have sex in the middle and train the rest of the extra lessons by clicking on Jaat, then in this way you will be able to add your photo step by step whatever photo you want to add. And it is okay to ask the photos that have gone here, after doing full screen and full skin, fix them in this way. I have checked, ok you will do the rest. Ok. Will come in the last set in the option. Ok, so here also Sudha ji, this one here is the same as the previous photo for him and in seconds you will get to see something like this. Friend with which number will click. In this lesson, you have to come to 3dot and even who will please chat, where you want to become a bank, you will come from the same project. What to do there that we have added four or five photos here. It’s fine to click on the photos one by one and paste them into Effect Mac HD Dot. It is okay to click and paste it after coming to the fact. It is okay to paste as many photos as you want. After that click on this also. Will paste in effect. Do take care. According to this photo, if your photo place will be added. Looks more like Black.

Steps : 05
Here something went like this where your lyrics video will be played and with lyrics but in some way you will get abuse to see the effect in your photos. Chai Hope If you like the video, then you must subscribe to the Guy channel and do comment and tell how the video was. The status has become ready, so what should you do now? Have to save it in the gallery. Export by clicking on this option and save it in the gallery, you will see it in the next video.

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