Ullu Web Series video: These are the top 9 bold web series of Ullu app

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Ullu Web Series video: These are the top 9 bold web series of Ullu app

Ullu Web Series video: These are the top 9 bold web series of Ullu app

Ullu Web Series video: In the last few years, there is a lot of content being seen on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime. Although there are many people who are fans of bold and erotic content.

Ullu app is gaining a lot of popularity among such people. If you are also a fan of bold and sexy content, then you can checkout these 10 very popular web series of Ullu app.

Top 9 Bold and Ullu Web Series

The story of a maidservant named Paro will be seen in this webseries. To meet the expenses of her mother’s medicine and household, she makes a relationship with a man from a rich family. A lot of bold content will be seen in this Ullu Webseries.

Charamsukh Ullu Web Series

Kavita Bhabhi Ullu Web Series

Kavita Radheshyam has played the lead role in this webseries, who is very bold not only in reel but also in real life. A new story is seen in every episode of this webseries.

Kavita Bhabhi talks to people on phone. The popularity of this Ullu Hot Web Series can be gauged from the fact that till now 5 seasons of this web series have come and all five have gained a lot of popularity among the fans.

Palang Tod Ullu Hot Web Series

The story of this Ullu Series is about a person named Kamlesh, who has been paralyzed. He cannot speak nor can he walk. The twist in the tale comes when Kamlesh’s Bai enters the show.

Kamlesh’s maid’s name is Savita. Savita’s personal life is very bad. Her husband beats her a lot after drinking alcohol. Savita falls in love with Kamlesh. This Ullu Web Series was also well liked due to its bold content.

Jalebi Bai Ullu Web Series

Riddhima Tiwari and Alina Sen have played important roles in this webseries. This webseries was released in 2022 last year. This story is about a woman named Jalebi Bai. The house where she works, she gets many things from there, after which Jalebi Bai starts showing great interest in the activities of this house.

After this she starts blackmailing even her mistress. The sexy content of this Ullu Web Series has also gained immense popularity.

Jane Anjane Mein Ullu Web Series Online

It is counted among the most famous webseries of Ullu app and five seasons of this webseries have been released. Season one featured the story of a couple who live together after getting married.

But one day a man named Ravi is transferred and his wife Chandni has to go to the village. Chandni develops a relationship with her father-in-law in Ravi’s absence and after that comes the twist in the story.

Panchali Ullu Web Series

This Ullu Webseries is based on 4 husbands of a woman. In fact, the fifth son of this family himself refuses to accept this ritual of the family. However, later he falls in love with this woman.

Jhumke Ullu Webseries

Like many webseries of Ullu, the plot of this Ullu Hot Web Series also revolves around the landlord and the maidservant. The show will actually see the lead role of a domestic maid who is very fond of her mistress’s earrings.

Although the price of these earrings is in lakhs and it is not possible for this Kamwali Bai to bring so much money. In such a situation, this maid talks to the landlord and this woman sells her body for earrings. Although many twists are also seen in the story.

Guardian Ullu Hot Web Series

This webseries of Ullu app is very popular. This is a suspense thriller webseries in which the tinge of boldness will be seen.

Daamad Ji Ullu Web Series

Two seasons of this webseries have arrived. In the first season, it was shown that a man named Mohan gets injured and Mohan’s wife Kumud calls her mother Ranjana to take care of him. Mohan gets arrested for falling in love with his mother-in-law, Ranjana.

In Season 2, Mohan recovers from his injury but Ranjana gets injured. Ranjana actually makes an excuse as she does not want to leave Mohan. Does Kumud get to know about this, that is the twist of the show.

1..Metoo: Wolf of Bollywood Web Series

The story of this webseries is based on the Me Too movement. Due to this movement, many Bollywood actresses had put their casting couch experiences in front of the world. The story of this Ullu Hot Web Series is also similar where an emerging actress has to give bold scenes.

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